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Sole' Tan
Is pleased to announce the arrival of
Our Cocoon Wellness Pod
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A BRAND NEW ultimate relaxation, dual heating (IR PLUS dry heat) massage vibration POD.

DISCOVER soothing total body dual heating and dual wave vibration massage for ultimate relaxation.The Cocoon Wellness Pro POD features a cushioned ergonomic bed that lets you comfortably lay back, close your eyes and  enjoy a relaxing, full-body massage in a soothing warm environment. You can adjust the dual wave vibration massage system to relax, relieve and soothe the back and shoulders, or focus your massage to the buttocks, hips and legs with synchronized dual vibration waves of ultimate relaxation.

The Cocoon Wellness Pod offers multiple Relaxation, Fitness and Wellness Benefits. Ultimate Relaxation, Power naps and better sleep.  Burn Calories, Accelerate peak recovery, Relieve and soothe muscles pain and Look and feel great.


50% OFF any Regular Priced Lotion Bottle with purchase of any Month Unlimited Package! 

When you need to give your tan a boost, we can help!

Tanning isn't an overnight process!
In many cases, you'll need to tan several times to get the shade you're looking for.

Sadly, your beach vacation won't always yield that killer tan you're expecting.

so Commit To Your Tan! 

Our expert staff can help you find the right schedule for your goals.

 All services must be used by same customer, no sharing of packages.
Specials & or Coupons are not to be combined with any other offer or discount.  No refunds, store credit only.

All Tanning Packages expire one year from date of purchase.

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Are You 18?
If you are between the ages of 17 to 18 years old, A parent must accompany you on your first visit to sign
A Parental Consent Form
All UV Tanning Prices Include
Goggle & Towel Service Fee

Give the gift of warmth, relaxation & a good tan
with a
Sole' Tan Gift Certificate

Sole' Tan offers both high and low pressure tanning.  We have one of the largest selections of tanning lotions to fit your needs and budget.  We offer Single Session, Session Packages, and Unlimited Tanning.

 At Sole' Tan there are no membership or set-up fees, no monthly bank drafts fees and no hidden costs.  Tanning purchases from Sole' Tan remain on your account for one year from the date of purchase.  Unlimited packages expire 30 days from the start date.  Sole' Tan Promotes
Responsible Sun Care and Sun Burn Prevention, minimizing the risk of burning.  Single sessions are convenient, but they are the most expensive way to purchase tanning as compared to the average amount you pay per session when buying a tanning package. The best value for people with busy schedules who can't tan regularly, (2x per week or less).
You are also rewarded for purchasing in volume!  The more you purchase, the cheaper your tanning becomes per session.
Remember, Always Tan Responsibly.  Know your skin type number and what it means.  Know what prescriptions, over the counter products you take or use & food that you eat & their relationship to UV rays. Consult with your Pharmacist or Doctor for advice first.

Notice:  Exposure to ultraviolet radiation may increase the likelihood of developing skin cancer
And can cause serious eye injury.


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